7 Billion and Growing

If dripping water in to a glass doesn’t wake you up to the reality we are facing today, nothing can!


More Questions

I’ve been receiving countless e-mails from all over the country from concerned Americans asking questions about The Fuchsia Party and our stance on population control. Here are some of the questions:

Q. Are you fo realz? This shit is crazy son!

A. Population control is a serious matter and we believe the SINGLE GREATEST THREAT TO THE HUMAN CIVILIZATION today. For us, population control, reduction and elimination is vital to our long-term survivability.

Q. I think the most important issue right now is jobs. What are the Fuchsia Party’s policies on job creation in America?

A. As you can see below, population control has a tremendously positive effect on job creation:

Imperical Evidence Showing the Effect of Population Control on Job Growth

Q. How much will H.B.O. (Homeland Breeding Operations) cost taxpayers?

A. We’ve done some number crunching and found out it’s going to cost a lot of dough to get this shit in place. Exact numbers will be revealed as we start spending. The good news is, Mothers who’ve birthed more than one child will be taxed heavily (around 70% of their income) and her offspring will be put in to labor camps to help build roads, bridges and parks which will actually SAVE taxpayers a lot every year. Parks like the one you see below will be built off the sweating backs of children who were mistakenly brought in to a world that didn’t want them:

Park for Families with One or (preferably) No Children Benefit the Most

Q. How will Homeland Breeding Operations prevent people from reproducing?

A. Since it is a military operation, our intention is to make H.B.O. the most aggressive and elite task force imaginable, raiding random Catholic homes and rewarding tips from neighbors who have knowledge of reproductive behavior nearby. Do not be surprised if you are near orgasm and a serviceman crashes through your bedroom window and demands to see your children and proof of contraceptive.

Couple Cooperating with Army During Routine Raid

I’m getting e-mails almost every minute. I will do my best to answer each one as I get them. More Q&A will be coming out soon with more details on The Fuchsia Party and the Homeland Breeding Operations which I know many of you are excited about!

Another Bumper Sticker Proposal

Which one would you put on your car? Both, right?

Another Fuchsia 2012 Campaign Sticker Proposal

Coming Soon: A Fuchsia Party Bumper Sticker!

Every political party needs a bumper sticker, so here’s ours:

Fuchsia Party 2012 Campaign Bumper Sticker

The Fuchsia Party Has Landed!

Welcome to the home of the future Global Political Stronghold on the internet, the Fuchsia Party!!! A lot of people are excited about the Fuchsia Party but have many questions which I will attempt to answer here.

Q. WHAT IS THE FUCHSIA PARTY, exactly, anyway, huh?

A. CLEARLY, the Fuchsia Party is a new political party that aims to CONTROL human procreation on a level no one thought possible before.

Q. HOW can you control the HUMAN POPULATION??

A. By creating a new arm of the government called “Homeland Breeding Operations” (or simply, ‘HBO’), a Military wing responsible for monitoring and enforcing strict population control. We’ve enlisted the help from some talented artists to come up with the logo for this new H.B.O., as you can see below:

H.B.O. (Homeland Breeding Operations) Logo by talented artists

Q. WHY have I never heard of this before???

A. Probably because other political parties are trying hard to censor our message. Unfortunately for them, there is little they can do about it as our numbers are growing every day. Just be THANKFUL you are hearing about it NOW!

Q. What are the (economic, foreign, social, etc.) policies of The Fuchsia Party?

A. None. Population control is our foremost concern. Everything else is a trivial distraction. Why do you think there is so much bickering over abortion? To CONFUSE you!! The MORE they make you think about woman’s rights, the LESS you are thinking about the future prosperity of fewer PEOPLE!!!

As the days and weeks go by, more information will be revealed about what we’re doing, how you can help, get involved and spread the word about the GREATEST POLITICAL REVOLUTION OF OUR TIME!